Joe Sheperd

9 September 1923 - 3 August 2000

Joe, a warm-hearted man who was perpetually upbeat, came to Japan August 15, 1950 to work as a Catholic priest in Kyoto. With the Pope's permission, he left the priesthood to marry Eiko. In April of 1969 he came to work at the Nagoya YMCA. Later Joe continued to work part-time as a teacher and advisor at the YMCA, while working full-time at Shiga University and then at Aichi Gakuin Junior College (photo in the upper left corner above). His voice and name are also well known from his long-running and popular radio program on FM Aichi. Joe picked up a cold on a trip back to the States (photo in the upper right corner), which turned into pneumonia. Joe's funeral was held August 5 at Nunoike Church (where he and his wife Eiko were married) by the same priest that married them. I'm sure Mr. Shimokata's words reflected the thoughts of everyone who worked with Joe when he said in his eulogy,

"Thank you very much for your dedication, understanding, kindness, and smile. We will miss you a lot."

With students at Aichi Gakuin Junior College.

Teaching in the classroom.

At graduation ceremonies.

Joe also wrote scholarly articles for the Aichi Gakuin Junior College journal, some of which were picked up by interrested editors and published on the Web.

Memorial service held on September 16, 2000 at Nunoike Church in Nagoya, Japan.